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Our website address is: https://ashestar.com.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. Cookies can contain text and numbers such as dates. Cookies are not programs and do not contain viruses or malicious codes. They are designed to store specific information about the users on a website so that the website can recognize the user at a later date and load the stored information again. For example, login information, information about previous visits, and about which parts of the website the user has visited.

A cookie can only be loaded from the URL address where it is stored in. However, a website may also contain fragments and information downloaded from different addresses than those displayed in the browser’s address bar. For example, it may be a banner or an analytics tool, but also plain content. In this way, cookies can also be saved from other addresses via the website you have actually visited – so-called third-party cookies.

Session cookies are only saved in one browsing session and deleted when the browser closes. Other cookies (so-called persistent cookies) are stored for a certain period of time and will not be deleted before the time has elapsed.

How to use cookies
We use cookies for several reasons. Unfortunately, in most cases, when a default setting for disabling cookies is activated, the full functionality of the website might be compromised. Therefore, we recommend you to accept all cookies if you are not sure if they are necessary or not. They may be necessary to provide the website’s service you need.

Refusal of cookies
You can prevent the storage of cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser (see Help in your browser for information on what to do). You should be aware that this might affect your browsing experience. In fact, if you reject cookies, some of the features on the webpage might not work. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not reject cookies.

Cookies we save – third-party cookies
In some cases, we also use cookies from trusted third parties, such as Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook pixel and LinkedIn Insight. These are some of the most widely used and reliable online analytics tools which help us to understand how you use the website and how we can improve your user experience. These cookies can track things such as how much time you spend on the website and which pages you visit so that we can continue to create exciting content.

See the official Google Analytics website for more information about Google Analytics cookies.

See the official Youtube website for more information about YouTube Analytics cookies.

See the official Facebook website for more information about Facebook Pixel cookies.

See the official Linkedin website for more information about Linkedin Insight cookies.

More info
We hope you feel wiser but, if you still want further information, feel free to contact us.

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